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Starter Home Tour

Buying your first home is an exciting time, sure, but it’s also fairly overwhelming. There’s a lot to consider -- from what you want in the home itself to what loan option is best for you to what to do about everything uncovered in the inspection report. That’s where Starter Home Tour comes in. Created by Zoe Houston, a real estate agent turned interior decorator, Starter Home Tour guides you through the home search and buying process, offering an expert hand to lead you to the best decision for you and your family.

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Get Settled In After Moving With These 10 Resources

If you’re in the midst of moving, you probably can’t wait to walk into your new home and finally begin organizing. Once you’ve found the right home, you can start getting to know your area and taking care of your to-do list! As you prepare to relocate, you can reference these resources for guidance, whether […]

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5 FAQs and Answers About Home Appraisals

You can’t buy or sell a home without an appraisal. But what is an appraisal? And how do appraisals impact the buying and selling process? The short answer is that appraisals are an important step in both processes. To help you figure out the answers to these and other questions, review this guide for both […]

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What to Do Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Photo By: Pixabay If you’re new to the home buying and selling process, you might think that your real estate agent will handle everything. While they will certainly be your right hand throughout the transaction, there are some steps you can and should take before hiring your real estate guru. Check out the following tips. […]

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